Payment & Refund

By default, we will convert all crypto currencies into stable coins (USDC/USDT/BUSD) once we received your payment. If refund request is approved, we will refund you by stablecoin. (rate will refer to the trading pair on BINANCE at the timestamp of receiving your fully payment)

Hashrate / Variation Mismatch

A major part of our business is related with used miner. There could be cases where we use variation of the same model to fulfill your order. In such cases, we will refund you by hashrate we have underbrought. 

Price Fluctation

Miner price could fluctuate along with crypto price.

When crypto market has a major movement (Bitcoin price incrase or plunge 15% ) from the day you have placed order. We may pending the unfulfill part of your order. Then you can review and decide to whether to finish the reamining part of your order. (new price & supply condition)

Order Limitation

We can fulfill your order with below extra limitation if you wish to:

  1. FullyFulfill or Cancel : Either we fully fulfill your order or we don’t do anything
  2. Limit Order : We only fulfill your order below a price limit ( Deposit is required)

However, please notice above limitation may increase the time we used to fulfill your order.