What payment method we accept?

  • We accpet payment by Wire Transfer (USD/CNY)
  • Crypto Currencies (Through Coinbase Commerce)

Wire Transfer

  • Our offshore account is located in Singapore, you can wire us USD through it. (The procedure could take up 2~5 working days. And there will be transaction fee around 25 ~ 50usd)
  • We can also accept wire transfer by CNY, however the account should from mainland of China. (Wire within china will be instantly, and without transaction fee)
  • In the case of refund, we will refund the same amount you sent to us. However, we may also refund you in stablecoin due to forex control in China.

Wire Transfer Walktrhough >

Crypto Currencies

  • We accept crypto currency through Coinbase Commerical (The Business Payment Terminal of Coinbase)
  • All the Coin will be stored in our wallet in Coinbase Commerce
  • USDC / Bitcoin / Ethereum are available for payment
    (If you send us non stablecoin, we will convert it into Stablecoin (BUSD or USDC) within 24 hours,
    you will not able to benefit from any potential gain after the transaction is happened)
  • In the case of refund, we will refund you the nominal value of cryptocurrencies at the time we received your transaction. (Meaning Transaction confirmed on the blockchain network)

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