What we do in the order procedure?

  1. We collect used miner from Mining Farm or Marketplace
  2. We examine working status of each miner
  3. Arrange shipment and delivery details
  4. Notify you of shipment dispatches

What you need to take care in the order procedure?

  1. Custom Clearance events (Depends on where you live)
  2. Local transportation (if you didn’t use express services)
  3. If you wish to arrange shipment by yourself, you can also choose local pickup when checkout.
    Once the miners are ready, you can arrange local pickup in our logistic partner’s warehouse. (In Shenzhen,China)

What may go wrong?

  • Price Changes: When crypto market is volatile, the price of miner may fluctate as well. Price may have changes even within one day.
    (Please notice price are very sensitive to bitcoin price increment, but have very delay or no reaction to price plunge)
  • Supply Shortage: Used miner are usually come with limited supply. There may exist other buyers in the market, or the seller may cancel the deal. Althrough the possibility is not very high, but shortage happen sometime.